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Bongo na Flava - Thurday Movie Night @ Goethe Institut

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Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 19:00

Novatus Mugurasi, Tanzania 2015, 135 min

To fulfill his dream of becoming a great Bongo Flava artist young Zopa moves to Daressalaam against his parents’ will. There he meets youngster Joseph together with whom he keeps himself above water by doing low income jobs. After a year Zopa is tired of his lifestyle and starts dealing with marijuana. This business gets him enough money to record a demo CD at a studio. At the same time he also meets his early love Anita who is going out with another guy. One night at a club Zopa starts a fight with him and gets arrested by the police, who find the drugs on him. He has to go to prison. After six months he is released and awaited by Anita who helps him by offering a place to stay and a job at a friend’s bar. While working there he meets his artistic idol Fingaprint…


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